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My December column was a continuation of using newsletters to build your business. The focus was on how to send them. Get a checklist of ten things to remember before you send your newsletter.


I hope you enjoyed my article about newsletters in the November issue of Art Business News. As promised, I want to share with you Get Content! 10 Ideas for Your Newsletter (PDF file). Have fun with it!


July's column is all about creative gallery programming. In the examples I give, you'll notice that I frequently mention teaming up with a nonprofit. Here are some reasons and general guidelines for working with a nonprofit.

Work with a Nonprofit for Added Exposure (PDF)

When I was director of education at the Wichita Art Museum, we went all out for a touring Pop Art exhibit that came our way. Among the highlights were giant food created by local high-school students; a Coca-Cola archway put together by the local distributor; a news kiosk that contained laminated bios and photos of all the artists; a trivia game: "The Price Was Right"; and a timeline of the 1960s.Pop Art at the Wichita Art Museum
Me with my former assistant (now head of public programs
for the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas),
Brian Lee Whisenhunt.

Pop Art at the Wichita Art Museum

Pop Art at the Wichita Art Museum

Really . . . how often do you get to have this much fun with art?!


I wrote "Cultivate Collectors and Reap the Benefits " for the May issue of Art Business News, in which I encouraged everyone to take advantage of today's technology for marketing art. Are you using technology to your advantage? As promised, here is the "Art Biz Techno Quiz." See where you stand.

Art Biz Techno Quiz (PDF File Format)


The February issue of Art Business News contains an article I wrote about branding your art business. At the end, I mention a promotional piece worksheet that is available for free download. Here it is in your choice of two formats:

Microsoft Word document
Adobe PDF file

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